Sabtu, 28 Januari 2012

Hello readers,
i'm back again !
How are you 50's ?
Fina ?
Ya... me toooo :D

Okay, i wanna tell you about my day.
Tommorow i will goes to try exam to train my self.
I pray to be succesfull.
I hope so.
Thanks :)

Hug and kiss :*

Kamis, 05 Januari 2012

Hi yaa!

Hi yaa!
Hello readers, welcomeeee...

Okay, i'm bored with myself.
I'm bored, because i'm a loser for myself. How pity i am?

Every day, i only think about many plan and what can i do now or tomorrow but when i arrived at home, i want to sleep and forget about my dream, my plan, my and maaaai. I like a loser! I don't have principle of my life. Very bad right?
How about you? You have opinion?

Kiss :*

Kamis, 29 Desember 2011

Thank You

The Simple Life

My day

Now i want tell you about my day.
Sometimes we don't know how make a day be a good day, but i try so hard for a smiles day for me and my family. I give them gift, make a house clean, make all be perfect although that make my heart it so angry and sad every time. I only want be the best for all and don't make someone hurt. I am wrong?

i always smile if someone make me hurt. I try to understand but, no one understand me. That's so sad right?
Ya, i think so.
Therefore, i love lonely. I draw, I sew, I make a collection, I write. Many more..
But, i love they very much.

Good, help me and give patience to me.

Kiss anh Hug :*

i love you readers.